Triple H Trolls Deontay Wilder Over Costume Nonsense During Wrestlemania Re-Broadcast on ESPN

Triple H trolls Deontay Wilder during Wrestlemania re-broadcast
Triple H trolls Deontay Wilder during Wrestlemania re-broadcast /

We're stunningly devoid of sports these days, but ESPN attempted to fill the gap a little more on Sunday night by re-airing Wrestlemania 30.

Of course, that classic battle featured Triple H, the King of Kings, showing up to the ring dressed in golden ornaments head to toe, his face barely visible above his flowing cape. As far as entrances go, it was fairly sick.

During the re-air, Triple H made sure to let us all know he was watching with a well-timed topical reference.

Anyone else you can remember taking a fat L lately, then blaming it on the costume he wore to enter the fight? Anyone?

Yes, the 2014 match when Daniel Bryan's "YES!" movement took over wrestling and catapulted him over Triple H had a striking similarity to Tyson Fury's victory over Deontay Wilder just last month.

Much like Triple H now does, it seemed Wilder regretted his choice of pre-match attire almost immediately.

40 pounds is pretty heavy, sure. But when you hear the words coming out of Triple H's mouth, don't they sound a little silly, Deontay?