VIDEO: Slow-Mo Clip of Conor McGregor's Kick to Cowboy Cerrone's Jaw is a Thing of Beauty

Conor McGregor made quite the statement with his 40-second TKO of Cowboy Cerrone in his return to the octagon. McGregor wasted no time in rushing his opponent, landing a variety of blows, including some vicious shoulder strikes. But the most impactful hit was easily the beautiful kick McGregor landed directly to the jaw of Cowboy. Watching that kick in slow-motion is a true thing of beauty.

McGregort was poised and locked in from the get go, and he had Cerrone stumbling after landing that perfectly-timed kick. He then followed it up with a flying knee before quickly putting an end to the fight in the first round.

Just watching the connection between McGregor's foot and Cerrone's jaw is enough to signal this fight would not last much longer. And it didn't.