Jose Canseco is Back on Twitter to Challenge Alex Rodriguez to a Bare-Knuckle Fight

Jose Canseco wants a piece of Alex Rodriguez
Jose Canseco wants a piece of Alex Rodriguez /

"The Match" was a huge success, as Tom Brady and Peyton Manning playing golf mic'd up alongside Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson turned out to be a captivating watch. Perhaps trying to capitalize on the new fad of seeing sports stars go head to head in sports they haven't played professionally, Jose Canseco wants to get in the ring with his chosen nemesis, Alex Rodriguez.

Canseco, a former AL MVP with 462 home runs to his name, once again called out A-Rod for seemingly no reason. Without a punctuation mark in sight, Canseco challenged the former New York Yankee, Texas Ranger, and Seattle Mariner to a bare-knuckle boxing match.

I guess... A-Rod should contact Morgan if he wants to set this up? There's literally no incentive for him to do so, but Canseco is giving him the option nevertheless.

Rodriguez won't look weak turning down a challenge like this; Canseco's lack of respect within the baseball community will allow A-Rod to shrug this off and chalk it up to the former Oakland Athletics star being his weird, aggressive self.

Considering the extent of the unholy concoctions Canseco injected into his body over the course of his career, his still-chiseled physique might actually have the edge in a fight. However, while Canseco gears up for a fight, A-Rod has better things to do with his time.