Latest CDC COVID-19 Recommendation Could Have Major Impact on Sports World

Latest CDC coronavirus recommendation will impact sports world
Latest CDC coronavirus recommendation will impact sports world / Omar Rawlings/Getty Images

The coronavirus pandemic has put a freeze on the majority of the professional sports world. Many leagues have suspended their operations, with the hope they could return to work in a couple of weeks time. That seems like a pipe dream now.

The Center for Disease Control (CDC) recommended that organizers postpone or cancel large gatherings of 50 people or more for the next eight weeks due to the coronavirus pandemic.

So much for returning by mid-April, as this latest timeline puts leagues on the back burner for a matter of months. If leagues want to follow that guideline, that means that they could return as early as mid-May, but will have to play with no fans in attendance. That's a given, considering that players, coaches, and staff make up at least 50 individuals.

The NBA has explored their options after this latest update from the CDC. League executives have told NBA insider Adrian Wojnarowski that they expect the league to return to action by mid-June, with no fans in the stands. In fact, the league is looking at booking arena dates all the way through August.

The CDC is basing this off the outbreaks in Italy and China, which have forced those countries to enter months-long quarantines. There's so much uncertainty surrounding the coronavirus, and it's best to trust the scientists and experts in this situation to try and slow the virus' spread.

In that case, don't expect to see professional sports played for the next couple of months.